ups and downs

regarding this weekend. mostly ups

friday took the truest to “Cop Out” at a theatre in Glendale that could probably sit 300 people and it was only about 20 of us in there. which was great.

the movie was fine. something that id consider a semi-parody of buddy cop movies. not sure if it was intended that way but any time you have a soundtrack by Harold Faltermyer that sounds exactly like Beverly Hills Cop 5 then imma think its a parody.

still it was enjoyable and Bruce Willis, strangely seemed more movie-starish in this little Kevin Smith throwaway than he has in many of his last “serious” showings.

spent most of Saturday shopping for washer dryers which was totally exhausting. rarely do i think of Frys as a place to get quality sales service but the guy working the white goods was completely impressive and their price was by far the lowest. might have to pick up my stuff there.

Saturday night i went to Nokia Live to see a very interesting event. Sandy Koufax, the reclusive Dodger southpaw who retired at age 30 hasnt spoken to many people for 30-40 years. every spring he makes an appearance at Dodger Town and shakes hands with the team and then disappears into the ether.

even though they were never teammates (outside of All Star games) Koufax and Dodger manager Joe Torre have been long time friends. Torre’s pet charity is something called Safe At Home, which supports battered wives and families. Torre experienced domestic violence in his own family growing up and he said it affected him in such a major way that when he married his wife he decided to try to help other families who were victims of this type of violence.

Safe at Home was a huge success in NY when Torre managed there, and here entering into his second season in LA he asked his old buddy Sandy to come out and help him raise money for the charity. so Torre got hard-hitting sports columnist TJ Simers to moderate a 90 minute discussion and what an amazing night it was.

stars everywhere including former Dodger owner Peter O’Malley, Oscar-winning director Ron Howard, Penny & Garry Marshall, Jon Lovitz, Nick Lachey, Billy Crystal and even current Angels owner Artie Moreno. i also think i saw a former USC QB.

fascinating, inspiring, and very funny night. TJ may come across as abrasive sometimes in his columns but Saturday night he was the perfect host / interviewer. asking the hard questions that everyone wanted to know because, hell, who knows when Sandy will rock the mic again.

speaking of, not only did Sandy prove that he is larger than life when he brought up current Dodger lefty phenom 6’2″ Clayton Kershaw as they compared the size of their hands (Koufax’s dwarfed the 21 yr old Kershaw’s). but Sandy still looks like a movie star: bronze, glowing, and confident.

lucky night for all of us in attendance. and the place was packed.