there was this colorful school bus

that yanked me out of the digg party at stubbs

on the bus was several cases of molson canadian, dozens of people, karaoke

and this charming lass who kept calling me darling

or dear or something, i had already had some margueritas somewhere else and a fosters at digg

the karoake wasnt bad, touch screen somehow. magically probably.

so many drinks on board. and actual good looking girls which is either a sign of the times or a miracle. this isnt how its normally here. anyways

i kept walking away from yr girl in that video but she was all come here.

finally i had too many beers in me. and the bus kept going in circles.

some say it was looking for kk+

someone put avril on. then we were stopped. gas station. then the cto from aol was buying case after case of budweiser. some 12 packs, some 6 packs, some 24 packs.

god i had to go. shes from bc. flawless. but then it stopped. then they told us to get out.

then eye spied with my little eye a dumpster in the dark in an alley.

and when i was done i ate the most delicious korean taco.