worked from home today

which was great cuz today i was asked if i could do dinner at 6pm

as the inventor of everythingll tell you
it can take a while to get from say hollywood to the ocean at rush hour

so i combed my hair right and left the crib early cuz it can take longer than an hour to get across town.

somewhere around culver city i was all, damn that is so beautiful

met two lovely ladies at kanpai japanese restaurant, said peter do us right

and he omakazied the heck outta us. and then after we paid up he was all

try this, on me, for each of you.

a little sake called Demon Chaser.

ironic since it makes you devilish.

milwaukee has still yet to deliver a proper man

making poor lindsay blame herself. WI!?

you know lindsay from minnesota. who once dated that billionaire only to run off to wisconsin to find some corn fed prince charming in gods country? seems like no matter who we are, what age we be, or where our crib at, we all share the same patterns:

I either spend months with someone I dislike, pretending that I can ignore everything about them that makes me cringe, only because they seem so deeply infatuated with me…

And then, when I actually like someone I convince myself that they could not possibly like me. It’s as if I’ve come to expect that relationships can only be one sided.

my prognosis: this sounds like a woman who needs to come to austin starting next weekend and hug drink it out.

that probably goes for the rest of you too.

tacos arizas is why i believe in america

or at least los angeles.

only here can you make food out of a truck, park it next to a walgreens,

and please so many people all night, who dont deserve your tender wares.

they have a few milk crates on the sidewalk if you cant wait to eat yr tacos

they have a small card table aside the trailer if you want to add some salsa

and across the street a man in a tiny truck blares spanish music and repairs shoes.

he has a sign that says shoe repairs.

i wait for my tacos al pastor, look down at my shoes, and wished they needed repairing.

a buck fifty for two tacos, four bucks for a pollo burrito, a buck tip and

oh why not another fiddy cent for being so awesome

and then speed away into the darkness of echo park