here i am in the hotel restaurant

waiting on some ham n eggs

thinking about the cool people i hung with

thinkin about some of the cool tshirts i saw

thinkin about all the Good bands i saw

remembering all the cool haircuts i seen

recalling all the randoms who asked me to take their picture

reliving all the tasty meals i ate

grateful for the killer access i received

close enough to peer into the souls of legends

close enough to steal dance moves from the stars

close enough to reconnect with blogging heroes

and lucky enough to hang with a Red River pioneer, right there on Red River

you know who was good?


you know what i wanna bring next time

a bike.

and you

i’ll be back. dont fret.

holy courtny

yep this is what it looked and sounded like yesterday afternoon at stubbs

man that seems like 100 years ago.

if you notice, even though Hole was the Spin party headliner, they still had to share the stage with Muse’s equipment (who played later last night)… as if they were an opening act

whatevs, mines is foreverz

anyways heres video of courtney rippin on brett michaels from poison (nsfw)

now i know why brett favre keeps retiring

cuz at the end of it youre exhausted but you cant go to sleep

your feet have blisters and your nose is all plugged up from cigarette smokers

the ringing in yr ears wont stop

and your brain refuses to mellow out.

youve been attacked at all senses.

prettiest girls ever kiss you and hug you and slide their hands down your back pocket

and you’ll never see these girls again.

youre staying at a fancy hotel with a rooftop pool but you aint got no time to swim.

you barely have time to shower.

courtney wants to be the girl with the most cake, but too much cakell make you puke

and there were several times, just today, where i wanted to puke.

from too much good stuff.

even the worst meal i ate here: a pulled pork sandwhich from a street vendor didnt get me sick

but as of right now, 359am, i am sickofitall.

not sure if i will be back here next year.

its a lot of expended energy. concentrated everything.

its like speed dating with rock.

now i want to retire and spend a few weeks in maui.

which no offense austin might be exactly what i do next time around.