ill never understand anything

i wonder if thats the point.

maybe you get to die when you have given up trying to discover the Answer.

i get upset over the weirdest things. i get people upset over the weirdest things.

i cry over the silliest things, and then i dont cry over the most horrible experiences.

like right now im seriously pissed off at Lost, but not at all concerned about the Cubs.

like right now i have no serious dates planned in the next month, but i couldnt be more content about my bachelor status.

like right now i have a dress shirt on and pajama bottoms and i couldnt be more comfortable.

likewise my tvs off, my radios off, my electric heater is rumbling, and my head is perfect, yet a cold beer, heavy metal, and Pardon the Interruption should be all bombarding my senses in just a few minutes.

i have an uncontrollable urge, america.

meanwhile tomdog our pal from way back in Isla Vista went to canada and all we got was this awesome video of DEVO

then he was in town for the Independent Spirit Awards and the Oscars and all we got were many tales and great photos.

yes @tomdog was here in Hollywood and we didnt hang, we didnt chill, he wasnt at andys bbq, and he wasnt on my doorstep waiting to have brunch up in the Feliz.

if you ever wanna party with me theres two ways to do it:

come to SXSW and stay a week.

and come over to my pad and knock on the door and have some maple syrup and an expense acct.

im not in the best mood this morning

next door there were several trucks making noises at 730am. is that even legal?

now at 8:58am, of course theyre quiet.

i also dont like it when its cold in los angeles in the morning. its 52 degrees. not why we pay the rent here that we do. for this temperatures we could be living in indiana for a fraction.

but then i went to laughing squid – SINCE I WAS AWAKE – and lo, this quasi arcade fire band has released this whimsical video and it made me wanna take on the day.

also cant believe corey haim is dead.

make out with your crushes. never know what tomorrow may bring.