in other bad/sad news

one of (if not The) last remaining All American Burgers

is being turned into a Chipotle

(the sign says “Burritofication in Progress”.

although i like Chipotle and it will be nice to have one closer to me than the Grove, i liked All American Burger.

yes their burgers werent good (i preferred the Pastrami sandwiches)

but they harkened back memories of Fast Times at Ridgemont High

memories that are quickly fading now that the Sherman Oaks Galleria is gone

and many of the landmarks and stars seem to be going the way of the dingo.

some interesting facts about this years Floatopia

this year law enforcement shut down beach access from the campus to the farthest reaches of Isla Vista.

according to the award winning UCSB Daily Nexus, approximately 8,000 partiers were forced to rage in the streets of IV. “[59] Deputies made 31 arrests and issued 139 citations,” the paper said.

last year 12,000 people attended Floatopia, the Nexus approximates. “13 arrests, 78 citations for alcohol-related offenses” went down last year.

So attendance was down, but arrests and citations went way up?

heck of a job, foot patrol and sheriffs.