tony. Recently you said you were listening to Titis somebody

Who are you talking about?

titus andronicus is this weird bearded indie band from jersey who sing about the civil war and named their debut record after a Festivus reference.

my man mr todd martens blessed them so i listened and i cant stop listening.

its gnarled and hard and beautiful and pavementy and grungy and new.

it gives me hope in the kids

because that last crew that skipped through friggin blew

these nice lesbians invited us to the dinah shore classic

in palm springs

by us i mean me and my truest.

seems all sorts of people read the busblog, even lipstick lesbians seemingly fascinated with the apparent fact that an ex bf and ex gf can still be super close and hold hands and see movies every weekend and

be free

in every definition of that word you can imagine.

my truest thinks they just want me there because of who i work for.

this week i was at a bar with my buddy from work and he got the phone number of one of the prettiest girls in the whole damn place

while being obsessed over a girl he met a few weeks ago who hadnt yet called him back.

and i was all fernando, you just pulled the number of a 22 yr old with pink hair and the name of a hippie stripper. you win today.

and he said nah shes just delusional and is hoping i can get her work with us.

and i was all my friend, what if every pretty girl you talked with thought oh hes just talking to me because he wants to get with me? sometimes shed be right, and sometimes she would be missing out on a good conversation.

he kept drinking.

i said welcome to the being the prettiest girl at the dance club. sometimes you just have to accept the fact that someone wants to hang out with you, for whatever reason, and its your job to see if their alleged bad reason can jibe with your probable bad reason and meet somewhere in the land of good.

and what do you know? she may be the next joyce carol oates.

which is why im glad she hit on you cuz im looking for the next courtney love.

though sadly i dont think imma find her in palm springs.

not this weekend, at least.