american dolls

my neice and nephew send me photos all the time.

then they complain that i dont post them up here.

last night took the truest to see Exit through the Gift Shop. great great great.

this afternoon we snuck out to Kick Ass, which i liked but they gave away sooo much in the previews. why must people insist on doing that?

anyways now i wanna interview shepard fairey and ask him a bunch of stuff about art and punk and warhol as it relates to banksy and mr brainwash.

think he’ll have a sit down with me?

anyways we saw Kick Ass at the Grove and we saw this amazing scene – this heavy set family were loading in their shopping bags into their Hummer at the valet stand. what were they loading in? bags and bags of American Doll stuff.

tonight is bad religion.

i think someone stole my bike!