poor sass

her boss sent her to timbuktu to save the pacific northwest

and there she rots away in some posh hotel with no one to flirt with but the 16 yr old bellboy

who wouldnt know what to do if he had the chance

so she works in the day, takes a cab home at night

where she sips endless glasses of wine,

reading romance novels

and waiting for some prince to find her in her ivory tower

but they never come.

which is why she passes out in her stilettos each night

and dreams and dreams and dreams

of you

where were you when the big Calexico quake struck?

me, i was in the mens room in Cabazon relieving myself of our less than amazing easter brunch. Cabazon of course being the town known for its amazing fashion outlet stores where most of the time you dont get amazing deals, but sometimes you dont.

i had entered a stall after this big dude left it and friends dont ever enter an enclosed number two stall after a guy who looks like hes a hells angel exits. apparently he had an even worse easter brunch than i had.

it was an aroma id never smelt before. and being as old as i am i thought i had experienced everything.

it was startling and mildly fascinating. strike that, nothing about it was mild.

anyways i sat down and pulled out my iphone because, i dont know about you, but i cannot use the mens room without reading something. so i checked in to my twitter stream to see what the world was up to.

and then i felt it.



more rolling.

it was strong but not frightening.

i looked up and around me to see if anything was bound to fall on me and i realized i just may be in a pretty safe place – reinforced walls, nothing hanging above me, nothing to fear – so i hung in there feeling secure.

so i tweeted something like “omg earthquake. happy easter!” and a second later i saw that Everyone else on my twitter feed also tweeted. so i took a screen shot of my phone

and then another.

the funniest tweet was from mother of four and Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke who tweeted some obscenities that i am only allowed to link to because the busblog is a family blog

my truest was on the other side of the outlets and because we have gone through dozens of these types of quakes we didnt even txt each other to see if we were ok because, duh, we were ok – THERE WAS SHOPPING TO BE DID

and because of the high holy days the outlets HAD to close at 6pm (instead of 8pm).

so thats my story of the devastating quake.

experienced in a stinky mens room.

first hand reporting that you dont get anywheres.

youre welcome.