sarah said she doesnt read this blog any more

i said what if i put your picture on it.

youd think you wouldnt have to bribe the person you have lunch with almost every afternoon

but now you understand how hard it is to retain the attention of your audience in the blogosphere.

seriously there are more blogs than bands and movies and tvstations and magazines and newspapers and radio stations combined times a million.

no really, there are over 100 million blogs.

jay-z says “you could be anywhere in the world

but youre here with me.

i appreciate that”.

fridays should be fan appreciation day.

blogs should thank their readers for being there.

they should put up their picture and say a few words

and then all of the readers of the blog should chime in and say nice things about the reader of the week.

because sarah is a princess maybe we should start with her

sarah is iranian and mexican. isnt that impossible?

sarah wears heels almost every day. today i really needed some soup so despite the fact that she was in these super high heels, she hoofed it several blocks down the road

and then posed for a photo in front of her favorite building in downtown

the lapd hq.

so there you have it, reader appreciation day winner: sarah

saw Hole last night

with karisa

our dinner lasted longer than the show

but the thing about rock stars, for me at least, is i love trainwrecks

which is why im gonna go tonight to see it again.

maybe this time she’ll play Celebrity Skin

update: my man August “Downtown” Brown was at the gig and filed a great review on the Pop & Hiss blog.

this is one of my favorite graphs from his review, and more proof that ive got a long way to go if i wanna be a great music critic:

Surprisingly, some [of the new songs] were [fantastic]. “Samantha” had a teen-noir quality that allowed its bleak tale of emotional consumption to go down easy. Love’s voice has lost its hurricane gale, but not always to a bad effect — here her constant rush for breath made the song feel resigned in a smirking, goodbye-to-all-that way. “Skinny Little Bitch” is most akin to the early Hole favorites, and it felt like a rebuttal to the beach-dream underground rock of today’s twentysomethings. The tune hit like a tossed-off, self-deprecating joke at a party but hinted at a deep well of darkness underneath.

read the whole Hole review here.