is Sunset Junction a hipster prom?


its also a gay mans prom

its also a hot babe’s prom

its also a street dance party

a place to get your palm read

and a latin american prom

and a carnival right on sunset blvd. so what?

is it too expensive? yes, $20 for a neighborhood fair is too much. so? water should be free but we have bought in to the lie that bottled water should exist. and $4 cups of coffee. we will survive. some of us with our sense of humor in tact.

people who whine that sunset junction is too cool for school or too expensive are the same bores who tell their lovers theyre too tired to have sex, maybe tomorrow.

theyre the same imbeciles who say theyd never live in malibu cuz its too far away. FROM WHAT EXACTLY?

yes sunset junction is a menage of cultures and fashion and hair styles and music. THATS THE DAMN POINT!

of course the people running it have turned their back on the ideal that it should be a non profit event – hi this is LA what on earth do you expect of your neighbors if not greed and capitalism and lies and deceit. and funny hair dos

these are people who would bottle smog if they could.

me, i love sunset junction. i hardly ever see gay guys running around in their underwear and for 1 day a year its awesome.

i love to smell all the delicious foods that are bad for my girlish figure

i love all the dirty tshirts you can buy for five bucks

i love to hear all the terrible bands whos music i wouldnt even bother to steal off napster

i love to play the carnival games and talk politics with the carnies.

this is what youre supposed to do.

youre not supposed to do the same thing you do every weekend. youre supposed to live a little and eat chicken on a stick and dance with the mamacitas outside the reggae ice cream truck.

youre supposed to browse for new posters for your loo

youre supposed to flirt with girls half your age and tell them that if they laugh they have to give you their phone numbers

youre supposed to take pictures of old people with tattoos.

youre supposed to live like a east sider which means not giving an f what any one else thinks, especially those who think that east hollywood silver lake and los feliz are not on the east side.

youre supposed to close yr eyes and pray to Jah and thank Him for all these blessings.

just like youve done year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year.

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