omg it’s Friday which means omg its ask Tony

My formspring notification isnt working right (it’s supposed to email me when i get a question and its only just started working again) and lo today i found five questions. let’s get to the first one

“Will you marry me?”

an anonymous wedding proposal? fascinating.

i think marriage is an idealistic but silly exercise. the weird hope that two human beings, who constantly change and grow, would grow and change in unison is retardulous.

i am soooo much different today than i was 10 years ago. think about it, that was before blogging existed. anyone could tell you how much this weird blogosphere has changed my life and how i am percieved in this world.

and i was even more different than that 10 years before blogging. the concept that my wife would stay exactly the same as me or grow with me in a way that would sync perfect to the way i grow is nuts.

and lets not even think about the fact that she might get bored of my disgusting ways, horrible jokes, and boorish behaviors after 10 years.

americans loved LOST for pete sake and was so happy to see it go after just 5-6 seasons and that was a show that only entered their lives 20 times a season for one measly hour a week.

Lord knows the intelligent ever-growing woman that id be interested in would tire of my juvenile crap after 3 seasons. tops.

which is probably why i remain a bachelor. and happy.

with that said there are only 2-4 people who i could consider marrying at this point, and i would do it to please them, not to satisfy any weird animalistic reflex that i have. and since two of those people, anna kournikova and drew barrymore, have never met me, i doubt nuptials will appear in my google calendar any time soon.

but i am screening audition reels. so feel free to send them to my people.

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