october is the month of love

most people think its february but most people are wrong. (duh)

its not the change of seasons, the cooling off of the sweltering temps, or the excitement about christmas being just two months away.

october is the month of love because of the stars. venus, specifically.

libra = october and libra is ruled by venus the goddess of love.

love is different from sex (which is november, so get ready)

love is warm and fuzzy and comfy and beautiful and romantical and sweet.

its floating in a warm pool on your back on a partly cloudy day

just enough clouds to block the sun and look interesting as you doze off

knowing that the nanny is tucking the kids off to their naps

and the phone is successfully out of juice.

love is the piano on the jackson 5s abc

love is playing with your nephew and niece when they wake up and holding them upside down over the pool

love is eating philly cheese steaks in philly on a semi upset stomach and it doesnt kill you as you ride a two hour bus back to manhattan

love is knowing you get to write to the sweetest audience in the world

love is just enough humidity that it moisturizes the hair of the girl youre making out with in the bleachers of wrigley field unsure if what youre feeling is lust or an old style beer buzz

its the smell of bacon wrapped hotdogs after a zztop show

but mostly love is knowing that you ruined everything for the san diego padres

who ruined everything for you twentysix years ago.

love is a crazyass bicycle ride through a trippy freak show

enjoy the breeze.