our plane is delayed so here we are at SFO just killin time

reminiscing about this weekend

last night we were at this one bar to see the Giants game but it was super packed so we went to this other bar but it was a private party and i walked past this other restaurant that looked super hoity toity

but they had a projector showing a bootleg version of MLB.com which only showed the centerfield camera version but you know what, it was raining and this place had lots of empty seats at the bar and comfy couches for the girls so i was all, this’ll do pig, and it did do.

today this is what it looked like when we woke up: foggy. it was our last day in SF

so we decided to try out Mr Fang’s new restaurant Fangs which is next to a strip club?!?!

the truest had soup and some pork buns and i had ribs cuz im black (and proud)

indulged in the shrimp packets which are like sex packets

the food was top notch just like at the House of Nan King but the interior was way nicer

i was all, this doesnt seem like his wife’s doing, i betcha its his daughter’s. and i was right!

she took us downstairs to the super chill party secret room and i was all omg you rule

then we went two blocks west to the Metreon and saw this crazy land of Claw games

then we went back to our hotel, got a drink in the lounge, got a town car

and seriously the Hilton Financial District couldnta been better

service was top notch. everything was spectacular. their rooms are like $275 a night

but priceline stoked us at like $189 and they moved us to the sweet floor and side

so thank you so much nice dude at the counter.

Earlier we went to the Body Shop to check out their Hemp lotions

and the other day we had seen some fine art

mostly street art but it was killer

this art was aside where my truest and i fell in love, haight n steiner

i think the new tenants are still rocking the drapes that charlie and ken hanged up

we saw some awesome tshirts. god bless the kids.

it was good to see my bro Chris Hepburn is getting some love for once

best name for a pop up shop: zero friends

did you know that the weekend examiner is free? why give it away?

cruised past the crib we once shared. garage, washer dryer washing machine. someone had painted it pink!

it was right near the original Levi Strauss factory on Valencia which we were stunned to see had been converted into a K-8 private Quaker school. talked to some parents there and if i had kids, id have them in that place. seems amazing. for a school.

considered some yoga on friday but passed.

this is what a satisfied man looks like

this is what a city completely satisfied with their baseball team looks like – errythings orange

this is what a lazy mans Cioppino looks like with a hot babe eating a whole crab looks like

many famous people adore this seafood soup that originated in san francisco. just $35!

check out the truest devouring her roasted garlic infused king crab of love

earlier we had brunch at Mama’s in North Beach which every woman loves cuz its cute

and fresh like dougie

i had shrimp with poached egg on a muffin, whats that called? she had salmon, so we shared

people say bring a book if you wanna go to mamas cuz the line can take an hour to get in. because it was raining it only took us a half hour to get in. soooo worth it!

tonight we have to go home. sad face

reporting from the home of the NL champs, this is yr busblogger saying hola!