you know what would be a great job?

the official white house photographer

Pete Souza has that gig and does its beautifully. All day he follows around the President and takes pictures and then puts the best ones up on the White House Flickr feed. Some even get used by the press.

For the last year he has presented his Photo of the Day.

This weekend on the White House Blog he put together his Top 10 favorite Photos of the Day.

The one above is my fave.

Photo: President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama’s hands rest on the railing of a boat during their tour of St. Andrews Bay in Panama City Beach, Fla., Sunday, Aug. 15, 2010. Credit: Pete Sousa / White House

the rally to restore sanity was so good,

i gladly rewatched it with the truest

she hadnt seen it, so as we recovered today from all the halloweening this weekend, i ordered a zpizza and we laughed at the quality entertainment.

but this last, final, reasonable speech given by Jon Stewart was so good i wanted to share it with those of you who maybe missed it.

we have some really smart people in this country. a lot of them never make it on tv.

but sometimes its nice when a few of them do.

party on.