today was the second weekend in a row of yoga and hiking

which i love n hate

what do i hate? the yuppies, the dog poop, the dog poop smell, the crowds

what do i love? feeling my body improve, the hotness of participants, the view

what do i really hate? ladies with 7 dogs in their SUV who back into the front of my car HARD (WITH ME IN IT) cuz they dont know how to park and they have way too many barking dogs in their car

i have a love hate relationship with dogs in this city.

most of the people who have them have no yards, dont properly train their beasts, and probably should have a picture of a dog instead of the real thing.

if youre that lonely how about going to a club and meeting a human being? how bout that?

meanwhile if you cant drive or parallel park with zero dogs in your car and zero cars in front of you, how well do you think youre going to park with tons of dogs in your ish?

getting slammed wasnt the bad part. the bad part was thinking that i am in the market for a new car and if this is what happens WHEN IM IN THE VEHICLE i wonder what happens to my ride (and what will happen to the new one) when im away from it.

im seriously considering figuring out a way to equip my dashboard with a wifi enabled web cam so when people approach my new car we can all see the madness that happens in this fair city.