breakfast should always be served all day

girls should say yes to every request that i deliver
rock should return to rock n roll radio
books should cost ten dollars or less
sick people should be allowed to take any medication their doctor prescribes
monopolies should be outlawed meaning if Weezer tickets go on sale i should have a choice where i buy those tix online
third parties should be embraced
keg parties should be fully embraced
the internet should be free
love should be really free
people should be allowed to pay for anything, even love
a man should be allowed to paint his house any color he wants
children should be given guitars and laptops when they turn fourteen
cigarettes should be outlawed, except for the candy ones
condoms should be free
like smiles
and blogging

dear this week

how you gonna beat last week?

last week started with da bears winning ugly on monday night football which lead to me buying drinks for so many people at the hot babe bar that i had a little hangover on tuesday

we wont talk about what happened last night

wednesday was sushi with sarah and ali followed by sonic youth and pavement on thursday with ali

friday was zz top and tom petty at the bowl with the truest followed by lady gaga and yoko ono on saturday

yes you heard me right, yoko and gaga and perry farrell with mike watt

and Joseph Gordon-Levitt from third rock with two angels

and the RZA from wu tang and kim and thurston from sonic youth and carrie fisher and vincent gallo and sean lennon who played guitar and bass and piano and drums so well we didnt at first think it was him. easily the most interesting show ive seen all year.

and then last night was Allen at karisas house with her oldest brother and his wife and many friends

and bbq and beer and stars on yr head

and giant pixie sticks and lies and booze

and hot dogs and burgers and polish food and 7-11 cheese

and little dogs who peaced out and semi ran away during all of it because she didnt get enough food.

this week you have a tough act to follow lets see what you can do