60 Minutes showed some footage from a film that was created on Market Street

in 1906

a fixed movie camera was set up on the front of the F Market cable car.

automobiles circle the old street car to give the illusion of a lot of traffic and modern vehicles on Market street (there were less than 1,000 cars in all of the USA at the time).

sad thing about this footage? days after it was filmed the Great San Francisco Earthquake destroyed the city, demolishing all of the buildings you see, and killing many of the dashing people on your screen.

the reason we even have this footage is it was shipped out East the day before the quake struck.

so whats the lesson?


Live your life.

Your life.

quit pretending that we have 20 years to achieve our dreams or 5 years to get what we want.

we have 1 moment, this moment. dont bother yourself with mediocrity. dont bitch and moan with people who dont get you. step to the left and live your life of freedom and joy and love and respect.

hate yr job? quit it. bored with the person you make out with? knock it off. settling with people who are ok but hold you back? move forward.

we have no one to blame for our misery other than ourselves.

learn from the dead of Market Street. and live.