chris and dave and i saw the lakers last night

puigsuper fun

had to use the jedi mind trick on a security guard which was pretty amazing

no, we dont need to show you our tickets

all is fine

you will let us sit there

and afterwards you will say have a great night.

took a Lyft back from the game to the crib.



im not saying it should be $20

but it should be closer to $15.


i tipped the dude $5 but still.

my beer cost more than that.

yasiel puig was at the game, rodman, floyd money mayweather.

everyone wants to see Kobe’s last games, but Kobe was hurt and didnt play. they put a picture of him up on the scoreboard and everyone cheered.

it was a good game. came down to the last second. Dirk Nowitzski, who should also retire soon, made a last second shot.

i had the best chicken mcnuggets as we watched the game.

i know theyre made of boots and diarrhea, but dat hot mustard.

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