best. survivor. ever.

im not usually a fanboy. sometimes. but not over television.

my favorite show is the sopranos and i try not to get all gushy about that. but other than the simpsons, the show that ive watched every episode of without fail every damn thursday and occasional sunday is survivor.

i havent been completely thrilled with survivor over the last few years, but i must say that this all-star version was not only great because it was nice to see some of those old familiar faces again, but it was very interesting to see how experienced players would compete with each other.

but nothing would have prepared me for tonight’s double finale.

it was everything that the Friends finale lacked: excitement, drama, true love, surprises, tough decisions, and full-on watchability.

first of all rob and the skinny chick liked each other, we all knew that, but the question was how much? enough to go head to head in the final vote? apparently yes. and apparently they wanted to go in to that vote engaged which is precisely what all these dating shows try sooooo damn hard to create artificially but survivior got it naturally.

as naturally as a 40 day starve on an island while getting rained on and lied to can be.

i love the show because it’s real. because its nuts and because im generally surprised with each episode.

in tonights finale episode i learned that even survivor all stars can fall for the old “i’m with you till the end, bro” trick and get their feelings hurt when they’re betrayed even though they’ve plotted to betray others with exactly the same line of bull pucky.

today lex, mr. punk rock, stood up and tried to bash boston rob for lying to him and ruining their “friendship” while knowing full well that the game of survivor, if nothing else, is one gigantic Trust Me contest where the best liar wins.

this season amber won because she rode in boston rob’s wake as he won immunities and lied to people and took all the heat.

after they came back from both being awarded cars there was no way that rob and amber should have both made the final four but thats the beauty of survivor, where strategy sometimes dictates that you Not vote off the most vile player, but keep them so you, perhaps, could stand next to that person in the final two in hopes that the jury will vote against the meanie, and give you the cool mil.

whatever. i loved it. i loved their romance. i loved their relationshop. im glad they got to go on that date in the jungle drive in. im glad they got to be on the island alone at the end.

and im glad that boston rob upstaged the show by proposing seconds before jeff probst was going to tell the world that either amber or rob was the winner of the game, and thus taking all the wind out of the sails of the game since obviously they were both going to share the money regardless of who won.

im glad drama queen jerry got booed when she started talking shit about how the game was also about real people. because once you enter a game show like survivor you are no longer a real person, chickie. playboy, for example, didnt put jerry on the cover of their magazine because she was just a regular person.

and im glad that after she got booed, she walked off the stage like a little diva.

but most of all im glad that rupert has another chance to win a million bucks.

rupert is my favorite survivor. he wasnt perfect. he didnt make all the right decisions. he is probably a nutcase in the real world, but on survivor he was strong and loud and crazy and wonderful.

i am disappointed in amber for giving the extra car to the she-devil when big tom was more deserving for being dicked the hardest by her fiancee.

but like i remind you on this blog over and over, life isnt fair. not even on tv.

but sometimes some interesting shit goes down, and sometimes it ends very sweetly.

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