shannon and justins wedding


cambria, ca

at the crossroads of rock in hollywood stand shannon and justin who were married two weeks ago on the beach of cambria, north of santa barbara, where citizen kane once lived and where love will never die.

in the wake of hair metal, years after grunge, weezer and tsar rule the school on the sunset strip; one nationally, one locally.

tsar are the homegrown underdogs, wildly creative, sensual and mighty. fearful of nothing, ready and willing to plant the flag of a new generation, a calling from another time, married to no mistress.

while weezer are the godfathers of emo, transplants from the east coast, poets posed as popsters, nerds disguised as nerds.

everyone knows that the seventh weezer is justin. best friend to everyone. bassist of nerf herder, main main in psoma, and left winger of the weezer soccer team.

justin met shannon in a dream come true. they lived together in the amherst house. the most famous alt rock home on the west side of la. the place where the blue album was created. the garage of “in the garage” was once justin and shannons room.

shannons first boyfriend ever was the blogospheres own matt welch, original bassist of tsar, guitar and vocalist of many of the santa barbara mafia bands, best friend of all, provider to emmanuelle.

so when justin and shannon got hitched this month there was parry from nerf herder, there was solomon from tsar, and welch of course, and matt sharp, and rivers and kate sullivan the rock blogger and rabbit from rabbit blog, and paolo and bonnie and charlie and barney and ken and basart and heather and laura and coulter, and os, and etc.

and whenever the corvids are playing your wedding youre doing real good.

and my lawyer (pictured, above, lookin hot) asked tony, why werent you there, didnt you want to camp out with us, sleep on the beach and wake up and celebrate? i said no, that date is a freaky one for me and even though i love all the people who were there and even though justin competes with solomon and ben in the nicest guy in the world contest and even though shannon and nicolette helped hire karisa into the dot com we all worked at, that day in september, my grandmothers birthday, and what should be a national holiday, was pretty much the only day i couldnt get into celebrating.

i had to mourn a little.

cuz im dumb.

but after looking through mc browns pictures,

it sure looked fun. + laura’s pics + laynes pics + bonnies pics + barney‘s huge pics

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