dear big brother,

you will never own me.

fine murdoch and disney and viacom and clear channel.

fuck if i care. in fact if you want me to list other rich white men that you should fine i think i could do that for you.


the way i see it these are your last days of disco anyways so party up.

the kids are about to take over and the kids arent buying your bullshit that obscene language or nipples actually cause any damage on anyone. especially kids.

what causes damage to people are




other people


titties and nipples arent even in the top forty.

neither is the word fuck.

the kids know this.

you know it too but you pretend not to.

and that would make you eligible for name calling.

the kids that i speak of right now are in chat rooms, on message boards, and playing online games.

all theyre doing is talking shit to each other, insulting total strangers using foul language that immediately turns sexual in violently creative ways.

nicolette sheridans bare back means nothing to them.

and thats why i love them.

and thats why i spend each day giving them every tip that i know. and at 111 years old i have my fair share.

todays tip is

this soon shall pass.

youre old, big brother.

everything youve done these last four years have only proven that the only thing youre any good at is winning elections, dividing the nation, giving the world a reason to hate us, and killing off our brave soldiers.

piss on the constitution all you want

youre dying the same way you lived



and godlessly dishonest.

you act as if this isnt the biggest strongest greatest smartest nation


you act like you have little mans syndrome.

you act like someone is smarter than you

you act like if given a fair fight youd lose

so you cheat

and somehow you still lose.

and you’ll never own me.

and when the first kid makes it to the top

and looks right in to the camera

and when that red light comes on

she’ll smile and say


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