my team was stolen from me tonight, ladies and gentlemen


see that team? see how great that team is?

it used to be better.

last night i drafted that team in probably the greatest Auction Draft performance i’ve ever done.

in a 20 team league.

i let them go for all the high priced talent, spending soooo much money on this guy and that guy

and then i jumped in and brought home the world.

it was a Hitters Only league which should have tipped me off that this was not being run with someone with a full love of the game

nor of the sportsmanship of Fantasy Sports

because at around 6pm i was alerted that my team had been had been hijacked


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welcome to Oscar Week

chef wolfgang puck food

well here it is, the home stretch.

every day this week i’m gonna be working. of course murphys law everyone wants to do things with me this week and i pretty much have to say no to everyone because me and about 500 of my closest co-workers are doing our best to put on the finest show on earth.

last week chef wolfgang puck had his annual preview of the food and drinks that will be served at the show and governors ball. the week before that was the nominations luncheon. and on sunday will be the granddaddy of them all.

last night i saw a few movies including Ex Machina which i liked more than i expected. but mostly i just rested and paced myself because who knows what will happen this week at work, so it’s best if one is healthy and prepared.

i bought a bag of oranges for that vitamin c.