sonny’s gonna housesit

while i hit the road and find myself. jim rome goes into the basement to recharge, i go to mexico. i love america a hundred per cent and the best part of southern california is baja california, which, if we were smart, we’d trade for kansas and nebraska since the mexicans want to come here so bad, and we want to go there so much.

but life isnt fair.

it’s cool.

check back on the blog from time-to-time, cuz if there is a magical mexican connection, or someone with a wireless computer, i will write to you, but dont count on it. and hopefully sonny will tape all those cool benefit shows that will be going down, and he’ll take the mail outta the mailbox, but i doubt it. i know he’ll read the papers, which woulda piled up without him, but im sure he’ll leave a mess, so im not even gonna clean up before i leave. isnt that rude of me? yeah, whatever.

little known fact: not many rentacar places want their cars being driven south of the border.

ok, my birthday is monday: send your cards and letters to:, and if you wanna stoke a brotha, buy me a car, or, if you must, something from my wishlist, but your readership is plenty, trust me.

and if you’re one of the 700 french people who came here yesterday off of the article that Emmanuelle wrote: hola!

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