i like all sorts

who doesn’t? the question always is, however: but, for how long?

i also like the TV show, “Survivor.” i’d have to say that next to the Simpsons, it’s my favorite show. with that said, i am always bummed out when they get start to get rid of the hot chicks in the show. therefore, how couldnt i be upset when they voted off the 28 yr old Puerto Rican Libra?

yes, jessie is a cop, and she wasnt drinking the water, and she got sick easy, and she hadnt contributed, but she was good to look at and she was Clarence’s only friend, which was nice. and everyone knows that Libras need a little time to adjust to new surroundings. but i really think that it woulda been nice to see a tv show not all full of white people starving and fighting and dying in the desert. it woulda been nice to see some minorities suffer a little too.

i dont get enough of that in real life.

and i must say, making them drink Blood in episode two is mighty badass.

i know lots of people will probably complain, but drinking blood straight from the cow is apparently what the crazy african tribe in that area does, and they looked cool with their dyed red hair, and that cow looked more healthy than a lot of the steroid-pumped ones that i see in central california.

but to make them drink it with the milk of the cow is so unkosher and damnnear close to Satanic. yes, Satanic. that it made for amazing tv – especially when they made people stick out their blood-soaked tounges.

Bravo, CBS. The Tiffany network twinkles ever more.

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