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Subject : How we got to your sight

Your gonna love this.

Me and my buddy Vinny were at the Yankees game last night (game 4). We were sitting in the bleachers over in left field and there was some dude about five rows down from us with curly red hair and a weird face. So my one buddy thought he looked like Mark McGwire. I thought he looked like the dude from the movie Mask. We all agreed that the guy also looked like Danny Bonaduce.

Anyway my other friend loves 80’s movies and thought he looked like this dude named Tool from a shitty 80’s movie called Stone Cold.

So the game ends (amazing game like tonight) and we were going ape shit and all that.

We get back to Vinny’s apt (amazing a Yankee fan called Vinny) and we go on the and look up who the actor was from Stone Cold.

His name of course is Tony Pierce. We weren’t sure if it was the same guy so we went to a search engine and your sight came up first.

Me being a horny bastard saw the picture of two hot chicks and that is that.


Ed note: the two hot chicks are Drew Barrymore and Courtney Love, definately hot

it doesn’t matter who you are,

if you live in LA, you’re going to end up with a few free passes to new movies at least a few times a month. rarely do i go, but last night Chris and I saw The American Astronaut at the newly remodeled Fairfax/Beverly movie house.

Lots of people wont like this black-and-white sci-fi semi-homoerotic epic western musical comedy, but me and Chris did. a reviewer called it Kubrik on valium. i thought of it as a really excellent student film that you’d hope to see on the Independent Film Channel but theyre always playing “Sid and Nancy.”

i laughed. i liked the music. i liked that it was almost all men on the screen all the time and when there were women they werent really beautiful women, cuz you really dont see those sorts of things in films these days.

before the film we went to PF Changs at the Beverly Center and i’m quickly becoming as addicted to their food as a few of my friends, which is scary because their food is so different that if you have a hankering for it, you really cant be satisfied with any other chinese restaurant.

if only they delivered.