it happens every now and then

sometimes i mask it, sometimes i just dont acknowledge it. but today i am bummed. maybe it has to do with sleeping alone, which i despise. maybe it has to do with having a cold bedroom, which is why i moved away from chicago. maybe it has to do with a variety of reasons that would bum your day as well, so i’ll zip it.

all i hope is that whoever that asshole is who thinks that america should be “exterminated” comes over to my house so that i can depress his ass out. then we’ll have some cookie dough ice cream, listen to Ozzy’s new record, and then call up some girlies and take in a screening of Snoop and Dre’s new film, “The Wash”.

And it better be good.

Have you noticed there there isn’t anything that Snoop could put on that wont make him look like the coolest mf alive?

have i given you a concert review of U2 the other night at Staples? it was pretty good. sorta below-par for them. i almost teared up once, but for the most part, they seemed to have phoned it in. plus, im sick of the waving of the american flag. not unless you’re going to bust it old school like Live at Red Rocks with the twenty foot flag/pole.

< / whatever. >

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