has two adorable kittens for sale. Both males. Aggressive, playful and riddled with fleas: you can get them for $75 each, or both for $120. email her if youre innerested

Major Props to Jeff Solomon who helped me fix my computer while he picked up a pizza at Domino’s. Is there nothing that Tsar cannot do collectively or individually? I think not.

i got to sleep at 4:11am last night, im such an ass.

Add to my list of things i’d like to do before i croak: write and direct a really scary horror flick. something where you wonder if i am truly demonized or not. something where you feel grossed out and dirty and you want to take a shower after and pray to the Lord that everything will be ok in the morn. something along those lines. i want people to say, fuck man. shit! i want old ladies to point their crooked fingers and call me evil.

yes, that would be a successful horror film.

Ken Layne is back after a week in Florida on his honeymoon after flipping-off Hurricane Regis or some shit


Shelia is back after moving. Read about her latest adventures. Heaven knows she could use the hits.