do any of you get any sleep?

tell me what it’s like. it’s been so long since ive gotten any. speaking of getting some…

sonny brought over a Clipper girl last night. i dont really get out much and sonny has been a friend for so long that he has learned that the only way to hang out with me is to come over and bring something to eat, drink, or gawk at. he brought the latter. i had a twelve pack of beer and some chicken breast so i made fajitas for everyone and we drank down some of that cuban rum that he likes so much.

turns out clipper girl had a chip on her shoulder and thought that i was being racist by serving her fajitas, since she was, obviously, Mexican.

if you havent figured out, i have a chip on my shoulder too, so i said, what makes you think your mexican.

ex-cuse me? she said looking down her nose at me.

i said, you dont look mexican. and what does mexican look like anyway? you sound like a black girl. you have hair like a white girl, and youve got chinese eyes.

she took a sip from her can of bud light. apparently i had said something funny and she wanted to be mad but she was trying not to laugh. if only i knew what i had said.

sonny had a cell phone and had called pedro to come over and when pedro arrived he stepped on a fresh mound of dog stuff in our little courtyard right outside my front door. he was wiping it off on my welcome mat. he was wearing sandals. thats how it is here in LA in november.

before any of them had pleasantly suprised me, i had been cleaning for a dinner i was preparing for this foreign exchange student from denmark who i had met at the grocery store. dinner is tonight. she had never seen Temptation Island before and tonight is the first show of the new season. needless to say, my cleaning chores were increasing.

i sent pedro to the back room sink, he chose to use the bathroom sink instead – maybe i was slurring, and i saw his foot in my super clean bathroom sink and i looked at sonny throwing my real majorleague baseball against the wall, and i saw Clipper Girl smoking a cigarette in my computer nook gawking at the porn i was downloading and i started laughing to myself.

then i got plastered.

so sorry for the lack of update on the main page.

someone buy PJ’s kittens, ok?