Someone bought

two tshirts yesterday. Or two people each bought one. Whatever, thanks for shopping, kids. I get $4 whenever you get a tshirt through my links, and that goes to the Snoop Deville fund – the new Cadillac the rapper will design and I will purchase thanks to you, dear readers – which means we’re up to $316, gracias, amigos.

Ashley is coming to town this weekend, which means maybe i can get some sleep. I really dont like being cold in my bed, or sleeping alone. I don’t think that that’s why God made Queen-sized beds, or billions of women.

Speaking of nice things, I love the mp3 cd player that was given to me on my birthday. You really need to experience having 118 songs on one cd as you walk in the rain to or fro your job. I have a ridiculously short attention span, especially when it comes to music so i just might hear all 118 songs before i get to my destination.

Typically the routine when I go home is, check the machine (im ignoring you, Kirsten), get the mail, put on pajamas, fill my pipe with tobacco, smoke and read the mail. Fire up the computer. Turn on whatever NBA game is on the dish, and start downloading MP3s. When my harddrive begins to fill up, I burn 3-4 cds and empty the harddrive. Usually I had those cds just laying around forgotten – some sort of squirrel/nut savings thing for the Future.

Well, now the future is here, loved ones. I have rediscovered all those previously important tunes and it is GLORIOUS. oh, ancient Springsteen bootleg concerts, Ice Cube’s War & Peace, the Sea and the Cake, Phil Hendrie bits, AC/DC covers by scandinavian bands, live Jackson 5 tunes from Japan in the ’70s, Dylan’s new record, the Strokes, dirtay Hip Hop anthems, Bill Monroe (king of bluegrass), Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Nelson, Thee Mystakes, Gwar, Sonic Youth and more Sonic Youth, Menthol, Ella, Billie, Louie, Merle — all mixed up and shuffled for my enjoyment.

Better than stepping in a cold Los Angeles puddle, let me tell you.

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