i havent lived all that long,

but ive seen a ton.

ive met poets priests politicians. ive seen the wall fall. ive smoked out of a bong that was two stories tall.

one thing that goes though my mind, like someone else’s answering machine messages is, “boy, im sure glad i didnt slit my wrists that one time.”

crazy thing is, ive never had a suicidal thought in my life.

perhaps it’s jungian, or a past life, or something, but yes, i agree with the voice in my head, im glad that im still alive to experience the craziness that keeps me from doing things like updating this page regularilly.

and maybe one day i’ll share some of those stories with you, as well.

right now, just know, that i conisider myself the luckiest, non-new york yankee on the face of the earth.