installed Norton’s Personal Firewall

cuz i’d like to have my computer on when im away and share my Tsar mp3s without teenagers hacking into my machine and stealing all the nude pics that all my fans send me of themselves and their hot friends. but it turns out that NPF is crap and uninstalling it makes it think that someone’s hacking it so it goes into protection mode and right now my computer is in protection mode big time and if it wasnt for Blogger you kind readers wouldnt know that i had a kickass weekend where the Bears came back from 21-7 in the fourth quarter to win in overtime after an onside kick and Hail Mary – shit that never works normally, but all seemed to work yesterday and im glad that i taped it or i wouldnta believed it.

And the World Series was pretty good.

Last night I stayed up till 2am writing about how Nay is the hottest, most popular web cam girl around and at 15 she has decided to retire from it all and shut down her site. then i was up till 3am trying to get my computer to let me transfer my files, but no go. So if you want more info on Nay, read her last interview that she did with WebPig over at Internet Gossip.

And here i am on a Monday morning wishing it was Friday already, but let’s just all enjoy this week, ok?

ok, i feel like im X’ing – how bizarre, maybe it’s cuz the Raidahs will be on Monday Night Football tonight.

Speaking of … Kitty Bukkake got to not only see X, but got a backstage pass, and apparently got to go onstage at some point and dance!? and got to stare at Billy Zoom. i hope her camera didnt stay in her pocket all night. Oh, and she got the f’ing SETLIST if only to give us a glimpse of what we all missed out on. X live at the Whiskey is one of my all-time favorite live records. (i had it on tape.) Iron Maiden’s Live After Death and Foghat Live are also on the shortlist.

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