Nearly started crying

like a fool on the train this morning reading this story about the two American aid workers who were arrested for preaching Christianity and jailed in Afghanistan as we bombed the hell out of the country.

What got me was how they talked about how much they prayed as they were waiting to be rescued. How they read passages out of the Bible. How they froze without blankets or food in a metal container in the middle of nowhere the night before they were freed. And also how a few of their captors said that they loved them.

I’m sure there will be other sweet songs of victory that will rise from the dust of this stupid war, but I doubt that any will be as touching and as mindblowing as this one of these young women who got to eat real food when they were “delivered” – and their hair done.

Thanks for all the emails of concern yesterday, good friends. Turns out it wasnt depression that I was feeling as much as a physical reaction that my body was going though to a throat infection. Felt like a small seed had rooted itself in the left side of my throat angering my white blood cells who battled it unmercifully giving me a sore throat.

It wasn’t until my body’s defenses started in with the ground troops did i develop a headache. I couldnt eat. I wasnt coughing. There was no phlem, no nasal drippage. Just a horrible feeling all over my body. And then shivvering. Then a really bad headache, so I went into the First Aid kit here at work and I got an “UnAsprin”, and people, within 20 minutes, the seed had subsided, my body was releived, and I was a new man again.

So that’s today’s lesson: if youre feeling like shit, take two Tylenol’s and nudge me in the morning.

Here’s another lesson: eat Filipino food. Last night Chris picked me up from work cuz we were gonna watch “Survivor” together. She offered to get me KFC cuz she knew i wasnt feeling so good, and she said it was cuz I missed Ashley. But when im feeling icky, i get an overwhelming urge to eat good foods, namely greens and veggies. So I wanted Chinese.

I work on the Miracle Mile and Koreatown is between work and home. So as she is driving, beautifully, I casually say, “any of these Korean restaurants will be fine.”

Allow me to digress… I love and miss Chris so much. And one of the things that I miss is discovering new restaurants with her. Being that she is not a vegetarian and down for whatevah, it is an absolute joy to eat with her in strange and unusual neighborhoods. We make it through all of Ktown, head north up Vermont and suddenly I see a bunch of Filipino restaraunts and I figure, what the heck.

So across the street from the famous Goldilocks, I saw Mr. Billibangalela or something advertising Combo meals starting at $2.99. Basically a Filipino version of Panda Express, we see all the dishes and you get two ice cream scoops of an entree and rice for $2.99 or two entrees and rice for $3.99. Quite a deal.

Feeling better, but figuring I should give the body some lovin’ I first chose the Spinach in Coconut Milk and Fish oil scoop and the BBQ rib scoop. HEAVENLY!

Chris chose the chicken and the seafood eggplant scoop. The people working there were nice as heck, so nice as a matter of fact that we looked for a cup to tip them but there wasnt any. So sweet.

Have a sweetass weekend. And welcome home, ladies.

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