Thank you, John Paul for your dollar.

I appreciate your readership, your nice emails and your requests for more pictures of Ashley, but until you admit that the Good Lord made pot and there’s nothing wrong with it, i’m not going to go back to the Catholic church.

Plus you guys made up all that crap about nuns, and how priests couldnt have sex, and confession, and rosary beads, and …

But when I get the car, if you’re in town, I’ll give you a nice little ride in it.

Today is my sister’s birthday. I was pretty much the worst brother ever. In many ways, I was Bart to her Lisa. And my mom was definately as perfect as Marge. Anyhow, Angie, I hope you have a good day today, I’m glad the Bears are winning for all the good people of Chicago.

the Pope says hi.

p.s. i had an unbelievable weekend.

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