boo hoo: howard stern is on easter vacation

and even though it’s nice to hear Jackie since they’re running the “Best of Stern” in the morning, the reruns dont do much for me. part of the appeal for me is the timeliness of the chit-chat.

i suppose any regular listener to a morning radio show appreciates hearing what the cast did over the weekend, and it would have been interesting to hear howard and the gang discuss the Easter holiday and the events in the Middle East and the death of the Queen Mum.

don’t think that I will change my dial to one of the other morning zoos this week in favor of new wackiness. even though it’s not as entertaining, the Best Of’s are still Howard – especially when he complains about having to come into work, being all cranky, despite being filthy rich, hooked up with a hot model girlfriend, and number one in practically every city that matters. it’s nice thinking that your life might be a little brighter than a guy who gets boobs flashed at him for a living.

now let me go back to my boring job of looking at models and celebrities flashing their boobs at me. today i have to deal with j.lo’s sister Lynda Lopez and playboy covergirl Kylie Bax. i suppose someone has to do these things. grumble grumble.

but before i do, i dont know what this bizarre groundswell about Artie Lange is coming from, with petitions to get him off the Stern show, but i think he’s a really nice fit. I didnt think that I would be able to be happy without Jackie, but Artie is great. AJ Benza would have been good too, but Artie is the softer side of a sidekick, and who doesnt love a drunken fat guy who always screws up?

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