i would really like it if cops learned a little bit about human nature

rule number one, when your town wins a championship, the hot chicks in the abercrombie are going to tuck in their shirts, step out of their sorority houses, and burn whatever they can get their hands on.

these grown men who feel that it is necessary to strap on their bullet proof vests, and their AIDS resistant gloves, and their riot helmets, and their rifles, and their diving knives around their thighs, to arrest these long-haired hotties ought to just drive them right to their daddy’s house because these chicks arent doing the community any diservice, if anything they’re showing us all how it should be. in santa barbara we burned shit down and we never won a national title, and guess what, theres no better city on God’s green earth and it’s due to more than just the scenery, its due to the ridiculous rituals that the citizenry joyfully join in on, rightfully, motherfuckers, rightfully.

ten bucks says that her mug shot is on the corner of the computer screens of half the guys in that department.

congratulations, Terps, that was the ugliest championship i ever saw.

My man Floor Pie has a nice little photo essay of my old stomping grounds, Palo Alto. (I used to work for WebTV back in the day.) And this picture was pretty funny – and the one after it. Click here for the entire journey.

Also, Nu-fan has an interview with Jim Treacher and waaaaay at the bottom he mentions me and Layne. Take that, College Park coppers.

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