hot angry black chick

was on the bus today. god, that girl is pissed off at something. i wondered if she was upset about the messiness going on in the middle east.

i wanted to tell her to relax, that it was friday, it was TGIF, that we had the whole weekend to decompress, and pray, and try to find solutions.

she sat in the back of the bus, like i did, like i do, like she does, and she pouted.

i dont mind girls who pout. we’ve all got reasons to pout.

i wanted to tell her that the more i think about Layne’s plan to move Israel to Baja, the more i think it’s a brilliant plan.

the problem with brilliant plans, i wanted to tell my nubianne queen, was that theres always a large amount of not-so-brilliant people who want to poo-poo brilliant ideas: like legalizing pot, like taxing the rich, like using that tax revenue to make the manditory minimum wage for public school teachers $45,000.

like letting all the incarcerated gang members in American prisons loose in Afghanistan in a new game show called, “Who Wants to Be a Multi-Millionare” where the gang member who captures Bin Laden alive gets $5 million and if they catch him and he dies in transport they get $2 million.

oh, ive got a million ideas that i aint even rocked yet, have no fear.

but yes, i think that Israel would love Baja, and Baja would be better to have them around. Jesus roamed. spent a few years in Africa when people wanted to kill Him.

But you know me, I dont know anything about politics or world affairs, or pretty much nothing, really, which is why I added a new category on my Links page called “bloggers.” This is a list of some of the most popular bloggers who mostly write about the latest developments in politics and world news. In order not to hurt anyone’s feelings I listed them alphabetically. If I left someone’s name off the list, you can tell me in the comments section, but if I left them off and they really are one of the top 25 bloggers, look around my links page cuz they might be listed in a more prominent area – or I just might be ignorant.

Anyhow, angry black hottie in the back of my bus, if you’re reading this for the first time, I hope it wasnt too forward of me to write this URL down and slip it to you in a tiny note. Normally I’m funnier than this, I just havent slept much lately. Plus the Cubs played like crapola last night.

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