when theres no football sometimes i volunteer at the shelter,

and sometimes i poke my head into the think tank. this sunday they were talking about chess on tv and whether or not it would work if you had the right announcers.

i went outside and took a smoke break and came back in and they were talking about vector art, the newest fad with the cam girls.

bloggers talk about blogs and bloggers, and inspire them. cam girls talk about cam girls and inspire everyone. currently the latest trend with the cam girls is Vector photoshop graphics, where apparently you take a picture and make it look like a pretty decent cartoon.

The ever talented Dolce Caramella’s new layout sports vector graphics, as does Melissa, and Jaclyn, and Dominque; however my girl at Bizzomb takes it to an even higher level – no surprises there.

What else is new is the cam girls’ experimentation with the horizontal scroll, as nicely displayed by Resha and Coutrney.

What seems to be fading away is the 3D modeling arty stuff still being used quite nicely by Huny, Mindy, and Venenodulce.

The bloggers may have the content – or the links to the content – but the web girls are eons ahead of them when it comes to graphics, html, java script, making money from the site, and establishing and sustaining a following and community.

The question I left the think-tankers was, “for how long will the adults continue to let the teen girls kick their asses? bye, bye!”

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