in a constant attempt to reward the daily readers to the busblog,

there will be announcements to concerts on this page as well as links to Ticketmaster. Let me demonstrate:

Ozzy Osbourne brings his hugely successfull Ozzfest tour to Southern California August 31 when it rolls into San Bernardino at the Glen Helen Blockbuster Pavilion. Ozzy will be rocking with System of a Down, Rob Zombie, P.O.D., Drowning Pool, Adema, and Zakk Wylde’s Black Label Society.

The second stage will feature metal supergroup Down, Hatebreed, Meshuggah, and others.

Tickets range in price from $38.50 – $128.75 and go on sale Saturday at noon, pacific.

Although it would have been nice if Chris Cornell and Rage Against the Machine hadn’t pulled out of the gig, the night should be one of the best of the summer.

Click here for ticket information for Ozzfest shows going on in cities near you!

New to the busblog, for your convienence are links to Amazon for the hottest books, cds and dvds. i got an email from a faithful reader who said that people buy these books and cds and they may as well buy them through me and stoke the Snoop Fund, and i thought that she was right, so you will see Tony’s Book Club updated weekly. And I assure you that consuming these products will make you cooler, and getting them from me will increase your karma seven fold. unless you wish to decrease your karma, in which case, it will do that for you instead.

And daily, or semi-daily, you will be privy to “Cheater Scrabble Words,” two- and three-letter words that will help increase your Scrabble scores. Many champion Scrabble players use these tiny words but dont know their definitions, therefore, cheating, in my book. I will not only provide the words, but the definitions, thus stoking you in magical ways, just like you stoke me by being here.

And even though it has been requested by people other than just Eric’s wife, there will be no photo galleries of moi, other than my secret photo album. There are far more beautiful things to look at on your computer screen other than my tortured soul and thats why i post all the pretty pictures of things other than my dull dough.

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