Kiss kiss

every gurl on the lips,

Theres something and it’s coming can you feel it shooting out of your fingertips?

for the exception of the sonnets inspired by the sorority in newport who practice their kama sutra homework on me, and the tsar lyrics, nothing on this page is true.

but you know that.

how could someone like me score Laker tickets?

Anna’s about to play her first tennis match in two weeks and sometimes we just sit on the phone watching tv and talking about things and she said that she has been playing tennis for so long that she wouldnt even know how to be someone’s girlfriend if she tried. i said it’s like how puppies learn how to skateboard, they just climb on and fake it until it starts feeling right.

then Clipper Girl showed up, so i said bye to Anna, and she was hungry so we started baking chicken and she asked me if certain things in my writing were symbolic and i said this is the juiciest chicken ive ever made with someone, we’re quite a team. then we ate while watching the “wedding singer” and i wondered why adam sandler never made a play for drew barrymore. and Clipper Girl drank ice water from a glass and held my hand.

see how boring the truth is?

truest stories ever told are found in the good book and none of you ever read it.

me, i love the truth. and the truth is Tuesdays are becoming my favorite days. first you get the Osbournes on MTV, and it’s so hard for me to believe that it’s becoming such a popular show because most the times people have absolutely no taste when it comes to television, and from the opening strains of the Tony Bennet guy singing a swing version of “Crazy Train” the Osbournes is a half hour of pure satisfaction.

but the best part of Tuesdays is reading Ken Layne in today he wrote about the lack of UFO sightings since 9/11.

and i would be remiss if i didnt link to the fabulous art that greg is cranking out. ashley saw his page yesterday and was totally amazed and said, “do you think he could do me?”

words that every artist yearns to hear.

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