alecia did london

and she came back with a sweet photo essay.

cubs didnt lose today.

because it was april fools i made up this great story that was somewhat believable and wrote it in an email and sent it to karisa.

she didnt write back all day.

then i wrote her back to see if she was super disappointed in me.

she wrote back and said she wasnt disappointed but for me not to write her back for the rest of the day because she would be “busy”.

then i wrote her back and said april fools.

and she said that i sucked, cuz i got her good.

so then tonight chris called me and i was telling her the story, and chris was believing the story before i could tell her that it was an april fools story, so i kept telling it.

and at one point i told it so well that chris choked on her sushi.

and then i said

april fools.

and she laughed and called me a bastard.

theres a twenty year old marine reservist who now wants to claim that he is a conscientious objector.

im a pacifist but if anyone has to fight in the war, it ought to be that dude, for being an idiot.

i went to bed early, i hope mike tyson on jimmy kimmel got tivoed.

before i did, heres a poem. people sometimes write in and ask me if i have written any good new poems. the answer is no. so heres an old one with a new picture. i changed the title and one line to make it more politically correct.

the consonation is lost, but i feel better with it.

tina + bunnie

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