the auction ended last night

for the who will get to be linked on the busblog for a month.

i am happy to report that the winner is Allan Karl of the for the sake of clarity – The Digital Tavern. congratulations Allan, and please, everyone go to his site and reward him with your attention.

ah, ebay auctions. i love them. this auction went on for a week which i think is enough time to scientifically study the value of a link from my page. My man Ric from Bitchen took the bidding to a respectable $20, and for that i think you. thank you Ric.

a friend said that i should allow those who bid to get linked at thier highest bid, but since that goes against eBay’s policies i wont abuse their auction.

even though their stock continues to soar.

even though they wont let people auction things like offensive tshirts, and individual playboy mags, or things like wisdom teeth.

i was fortunate enough to meet the winner of this auction as i slurped down my pre Live from the Blogosphere panel discussion that i was lucky enough to be part of.

i believe we both enjoyed the house favorite Slippery Shrimp at Yang Chow in Chinatown, a restaurant i need to re-vist, and a dish that i highly recommend.

so many good things came out of that Blogosphere event. thank you Xeni and Reverse Cowgirl for inviting me.

and thank you all you nice people who i met there.

especially the young ladies who flooded me with little notes with their phone numbers scribbled on.

the bat signal just was illuminated.

back to work.

for the sake of clarity

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