god damn you half japanese girls

you do it to me every time.

carlisa from pink cookies came over last night to watch the laker game with me, and eat pizza and drink beer and talk about, shit what did we talk about?

why am i bombarded with the coolest people to hang out with?

why do i get the best readers on the web?

why did the good people of Google slash Blogger send me a care package of love which i appreciate so much you dont even know?

why do barely legal girls continue to call me and chat with me and stalk me even though they have boyfriends and lives and new cars and development deals?

i dont understand any of this, america.

is it a test? are the angels and saints of heaven testing me to see if i will change if im surrounded by the incredibly cool, if it will get to my head, if i will start to think that i actually had anything to do with any of this.

its a little scary because in the dreamworld of college that i was blessed to attend, one of the lessons of good storytelling is to create a character, bestow unto this person all these great things, and then pull the carpet out from underneath him and ruin his life. tragedy. Job. mike tyson. oj simpson. etoys stock holders.

carlisa is the shit. shes sharp as a tack, has always had the best style. im dying to play her one on one cuz she had a hoops scholarship for college and im dying to see how my skillz match up with her.

i was the starting point gaurd on the jv team in highschool. oh yeah.

we were supposed to talk about tshirt ideas but instead we watched howard stern reruns and the laker game. how much better does that get?

carlisa is like many native los angelinos that i have had the pleasure of knowing: super mellow, super smart, totally well balanced and chill.

its almost as if theyve seen it all and instead of becoming negative and jaded about it, theyve bottled it all and turned it into some crazy wisdom and a wild independence.

welch and the whalens have this. i think it’s awesome.

anyways, thanks great pumpkin for surrounding me with these badass souls. it blows me away just about every day.

long live blogger.

pink cookies + ev + jason + shellen

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