because marc brown is the coolest

he is going to coachella today. just like chris. just like karisa. just like everyone i know.

but unlike everyone i know, only mc brown would have the capability to take pictures and then upload them to his pblog so that all of us, even you, could see what its like to go to the coolest festival of the summer. even before summer has started.

join us now as marc brown goes into the desert to see the likes of the white stripes, sonic youth, the beastie boys, the donnas, iggy and the stooges, queens of the stone age, blur, ben harper, the hives, blue man group, interpol, gomez, black eyed peas, dirty vegas, johnny marr, the red hot chili peppers, nerd, wild child, ian mackaye (spoken word) and many more.

why arent i going? many reasons. biggest of all because im a jackass. and cuz tsar wont be there.

sign up tsar next time, big shots, and you can have my $150 and my two days of eating your food and drinking your costly water.

it’s nice to have people to live through in real time (or, like the stock market results, delayed by 5-15 minutes). even if their photos are stretched to 640×380 even though he doesnt want them to. and even though the time function is innacurate on the photo blog.

me, im sobering up from a wild night last night that i will blog about as soon as i get everything sorted out.

and my dss is still down.

and i have a hangover.

and im hungry + thirsty.

and i cant believe its only saturday.

a very special madpony + sk smith is always special + raymi can call me anything she wants

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