its saturday morning. im watching mariah on oprah on tivo.

i want to fix my satelitte dish but my neighbors are outside and i dont want to talk to them. secretly im painfully shy. and not very cool. you’ll see.

last night i caught the subway to vine and walked three blocks north to karisas pre birthday party. her real birthday isnt for a few weeks but she and some other ladies who are also taureses threw a threeway taurus birthday bash at the newest hottest coolest club in la, the wild orchid, formerly the crush bar.

the crush bar had been a bad quasi gay 80s pop dance club for as long as i can remember. in my opinion it was never cool, but it was always there. a staple. a place tourists might go if they didnt know where to go or couldnt get in to some of the better places.

recently somebody bought it or sold it or redesigned it or whatever, but now its wild orchid and people are going crazy over it.

which explained the huge line at 10pm, and the fact that nobody, even these three pretty cute girls werent allowed behind the velvet rope.

but im tony pierce. and im friends with one of the birthday girls.

maybe they had a guest list. so i told the bouncer my name and he looked on the list and my name wasnt on it. then he said. tony pierce?

i said, yes.

he said, what happened to your fro?

i laughed and told him that i lost a bet and he told me it looked good. i said thanks. then he told me i should go to the ivar and to tell them that earl sent me.

i said, but i want to have a drink with karisa for her pre birthday.

and he said aint nobody getting in there, but he did whip out a ten and flowed the busblog.

51. earl

so i went to the ivar. confused, but laughing, cuz sometimes this shit just writes itself.

almost there + cofeenated + fearful symmetry

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