hi beautiful blog that i love so much.

hi sexy tony who rocks so hard damn near every day.

sexy? flattery will get you everywhere.

is it true that you have a date on friday?


but i thought nothing in this thing is true.

details, details.

so do you, or dont you?

i do.

anyone i know?

i dont even know her, its sorta a blind date.

what are you going to do?

i think we’re going to get drunk and watch porn.

you know my mom reads this blog and she doesnt really like the parts where youre dirty and outrageous.

my mom reads this blog too and she would agree with your mom.

so what are you going to do about it?

not much i can do since more people who arent moms read this than people who are moms.

so *nothing* in here is true?

thats right. in all honesty i have a lot more dates than i let on.

a lot?

ok, maybe not a lot, but more than i reveal. not everybody wants their rendevous’ blogged.

do you know anything about grammar?

i dont know much about anything.

you’re a very intersting man, tony pierce.

a hot chick called me up last night and told me a very sexy lesbian story.

is this part true?


did you watch the cher special last night?

no, i was watching the lakers and dallas.

during this one part cher instructed everyone to just “do it.” she said for people not to worry about things. that sure you’ll have your regrets, but the worst regret is not going for things.

i love cher.

people went crazy when she said all that. and she had the best smile on her face.

lakers are going all the way

i hate you.

their only problem is gonna be the spurs.

f the spurs, they’re old.

couldnta said it better myself, blog.

jaime is ok + reverse cowgirl + reger chris

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