to protest the war im going on a date friday.

actually i took a beautiful girl up on her offer of coming over to my house, flipping on the fireplace, and allwing her to model her collection of catholic girl skirts.

believe it or not but i actually passed on this not to long ago in a slight lapse of sanity, but thankfully sometimes you get a second chance to make a first impression and after a few keystrokes via AOL instant messenger, the date is on.

i havent been on a date date in a while, and this is not only that but its a blind date.

shes blind.

just kidding. although she must be if she wants to go out with me in the state that im in right now. hair-wise, that is. its not a pretty sight. but its cool. i have a wide variety of hats and fright wigs.

one of the xbi security guards asked me if i would take off my laker cap today so he could see how im doing up there, and then he confided in me that he didnt recognize me when i first appeared bald at the office a few months back.

undercover, i told him.

bullshit, my buddy said behind me and slapped me in the back of the head.

anyway, to all the people who i disappointed by not showing more scantilly clad women, which i promised to protest the war, i hope this shot of pam anderson lee rock makes up for it a little bit.

i will make sure to keep focused.


by the way tomorrow we will start focusing in on the entertainment business a little more, so make sure to get your free two month memberships to, as i will be referencing them. they have an incredible site full of a ridiculous amount of resources and good writing.

if i hadnt been busy doing laps in the company pool today on the roof of the transunion building i would have talked about this weeks box office grosses, but the spirit got in me and i just happened to have a pair of swim trunks in my book bag.

loving Crime and Punishment, thanks alabama.

how to live

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