it was raymi’s birthday on tuesday!

how could i have forgotten!

im in love with raymi, and im about a hundred percent sure she wouldnt like me.

i doubt first of all that she would like my music. hardly anyone does.

chris says she does but chris tells the prettiest lies.

and i dont think i could keep up with her. i saw her chat live on the internet and she could barely keep still, imagine how riled up she’d get if she saw me without my shirt on. she’d rip me to shreds.

im a sensitive poet. i cant be being ripped to shreds. by a candadian. girl.

i still get carpal tunnel, raymi the minx would fuck my shit up.

anyhow, i lust her. from afar. im glad shes around.

i like that she sorta rambles in her writings. i like that she has like 89 blogs. im glad shes a foreigner. im glad that if she ever did come to la she would probably let me take like a zillion naked pictures of her and then we’d see what this damn camera can do.

ive said it before and its still true, theres nothing i dont like about raymi.

and i think shes even sexier now that shes twenty.

a. beam is back

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