jeanine and i lived in three different apartments

in isla vista. the first one was a summer sublet with matty t. he had some wheels of steel that he let me screw around with and i learned right away that id never be a sweet dj.

then we moved to 6509 madrid, which is frozen in my memory because it was the tiniest apartment you’ll ever see, but it was so bursting with love it seemed huge. we lived there for a year and then moved two doors over to where greg vaine used to live. the same apartment that housed many a hootenanny, and the very one where mc brown and mc peace rapped to barbara uehling, the chancelor of our university.

one of my neighbors was a long haired rich kid who drove a mercedes and had one of the hottest women ive ever seen as his girlfriend. his name was tim and he was a great friend and perfect neighbor. i ended up buying life insurance from his father, who didnt know that even back then i was in the xbi, and actually needed a good life insurance plan

i hadnt talked to timmy since i lived in frisco with chris, so it was good to catch up a little.

right in the middle of it all i got a phone call from toronto’s own raymi the minx, so i had to tell my long lost pal that id call him back.

the details of the conversation with raymi, unfortunately, were completely off the record, but i can say this, the white sands of maui are doing wonders for our neighbour from the north.

she said aboot and i was all, a-what? and then she said it american and i was a little bummed.

one day soon i will get to meet her, im hoping, and i can ask her all about rush and triumph and michael j fox and especially pamela anderson and strange brew and celine dion and tommy chong.

and of course about her.

i do have a weird life. i guess im starting to realize that. but i dont understand why its like this because as soon as im done with work

i either go home into the hollywood hills, or out to malibu to lay in the sand.

im not out clubbing like karisa, or being rock stars like tsar, moving to reno like ken, or interviewing dirrty princesses like kate sullivan.

i watch baseball via satelite and this shit happens to me.

i am a victim i tell you, a victim.

and i did remember to call timmy back cuz he’s my bro.

piker + mondoego + chinomikan + hilton sisters

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