someone asked me last night when i was going to move to moveable type.

which is a helluva question because the only reason i was staying true to blogger was cuz i felt that Ev deserved the loyalty until he got rich.

and if he isnt on his way to getting rich after getting gobbled by google, then i certainly cant help him.

ive enjoyed my time with blogger. it’s a good system that allowed me to talk to all of you, and for that im grateful. and it has certainly given me what ive paid for.

there are parts of moveable type that i think i will like better.

as you know from my homepage (, i dont rely on blogger for hosting. my man os supplies that wonderfully.

speaking of which, he and i have been deluged with requests for people who want email addresses.

why do you people want those things?

me and os figured it out that if people are serious about these things that they can email me at and this is what you need to write in your note:

1. the email address that all the mail wil get forwarded to.

2. the prefix that you would like to request.

3. your full name.

what will happen is we will send you a PayPal invoice for $6.66 which will give you that email address for one full year. you can change where that address will get forwarded to once for free.

all proceeds — all proceeds will go to my man Os who has hosted this three-ring circus even before it existed, which is a tough trick, let me tell you.

back to Blogger. this blog is serious business. when my left-hand column is unable to be updated the way it is today, people write me mean(ish) emails. i need software that doesnt have these sorts of bugs. or i need to be a fulltime employee of bloggergoogle blogging while traveling the world.

or i need to move over to moveable type.

we’re through the looking glass, people.

i went to sleep at three am last night and i feel like a damn king this morning.

thank you, nasty girl, who left me the best email this morning.

layne + welch + owens + weekend box office charts in full on detail

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